This is a collection of prints for sale. To order phone cases and accessories, visit Note: all watermarks will be removed in the final prints.


Welcome to the official Filali Studios art store. If you're looking for pins, stickers, or wall prints with epic art on it, look no further. This is also the page that ensures the artist can eat and pay for rent (it's not easy being a broke college kid). Without further ado, take a look, don't think twice, and shop till you drop.

The Ultimate Pack

The Ultimate Pack


The ultimate pack comes with 12 assorted prints, a pack of 10 stickers, and an official Filali pin. In the past this pack has been purchased by event planners who then used my art for auction and display purposes. If you’re part of an organization (or perhaps just an ultimate Filali Studio fan), and need a lot of art, this is for you. With Ramadan coming up, perhaps you could invest in this packet and divide it up to give gifts for your friends as well. Once you add the pack to your cart, you will automatically be asked to fill a form for the prints you’d like included.

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