The (he)art of a daughter of immigrants.

The (he)art of a daughter of immigrants.

Why I Do This Art Stuff

Sometimes I ask myself "Why do I create art?" 

I promised myself that before I started to put myself out there as an artist through social media, I needed to make sure that I was doing it for the right reasons. I tell myself that I make art because I enjoy it. The second thing I tell myself now is that I make art because it helps pay for rent. At this point, I don't define how good my art is based on how many compliments I get on it. I base it primarily by how satisfied I am with the work I put into it, and then how much it sells. I treat my Instagram account like a business, and sometimes opening up to my followers about what goes on behind the pictures is part of the process. I don't think anyone will really understand though, just how much thought goes into it. Between questioning my intentions, trying to interact with everyone, trying not to focus too much on gaining followers and likes... yet at the same time knowing that more followers means more chances to earn money; leads to a cloud of doubt. So then there comes the question of WHY do I still do art? At my core, I know it's because I like it. I like to create. I like taking what I'm thinking of and making it tangible. I like to tell visual stories- simple or complex. Personally, I think art can connect with people in ways that nothing else can. Art can change the world. That thought is what keeps me going.

Of course, doing a wedding portrait for someone or sketching anime characters in my free time isn't exactly changing the world per say. I don't see myself doing that kind of art for the rest of my life. I have big dreams and goals that involve learning new skills, telling visual stories on a larger scale, and connecting with people. Any profit I make off of art right now goes towards growing my art business as well as paying my rent so that I can continue going to a good university while working towards the changes in my life that I want to make happen. When someone buys art from me, no matter how trivial the commission is, it is an investment towards a broke college kid who wants to make it in the real world. I'm beyond grateful for the people who provide opportunities like that. 

Anyways, I actually have a stack of commissions I should be working on instead of writing this entry, so this is Sara Filali; aka broke college kid; signing off. Thanks for all of your support.

Sara Eddekkaki