Hey, everyone. Name's Sara Filali. I'm 21 years old, studying Communication at the University of South Florida. Art's my thing. I'm a big fan of telling stories through any medium: art, comics, film, writing, whatever it may be. I believe that art and storytelling have the power to shift perspectives and drive change. 

But enough of the deep stuff; let's talk about the real reason I'm here. This whole art thing? That's how I'm surviving in college. Any purchases made through this site help me pay rent and eat (occasionally). Now, I may be a broke college kid, but I sure don't plan on staying that way. I want to make money doing what I love: making art and inspiring the youth to follow their passions and become their own personal legends. When you buy art from me, I want you to know that you're making an investment into a force of change. Yeah, the money goes to rent for now (and damn rent is expensive) but I'm constantly trying to grow my art business and start doing more things that will benefit the youth. That's the real goal- elevate myself spiritually and artistically, and then give back to the community around me. Sometimes it's overwhelming to take it all in, and I don't always know what the next step will be, but I have faith that I'll get there, one painting at a time. 

To anyone who doubts the journey: Aight bet.

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Sara Filali is a Moroccan-American artist studying Communication at USF. She is most known for her art series portraying Muslim women in various art styles. She strives to attain positive representation for Muslim women within art that celebrates them as subjects rather than objects. In other words, by telling their story though art Sara hopes to make these women appear human, and not the 2-dimensional voiceless beings that the western narrative appears to favor.

When she’s not drawing or blogging, Sara can be found binge-watching a new anime, reading fantasy/adventure novels, or engaging in intense conversations about race, gender, religion, and Game of Thrones. She is passionate about storytelling and self-expression in various mediums. Ultimately, Sara believes that storytelling and art have the power to shift perspectives and drive change on a societal level. For more information about Sara and her art, visit or follow her Instagram @sara_filali.