Sara Filali. Moroccan-American artist and writer. Recent college graduate from USF with a BA in Communication and a minor in Studio Art. 21 years old, and deeply in love with my best friend, Rayan, whom I married recently. Lover of nature, traveling, DIY’s, and fantasy books. Passionate about doing the work I want to see done.

I self-reflect a lot. I believe in doing things with the right intentions before all else, and for me that means I do things because it’ll ultimately bring me closer to Allah in one way or another. I spend a lot of time in my head, dreaming of ways I can make connections with people besides talking. I like to think these things are the driving force behind my art and overall creative expression.

More often than not, you’d find me spending my free time with my husband Rayan, exploring new parks in the area, cooking together, or planning creative collaborations. Other than that, I spend copious amounts of time in my studio, brainstorming, writing, and illustrating. I don’t really have a long-term plan besides chasing one dream project after another and seeking growth in these repeating days. I’m just grateful to be where I’m at, dreaming, creating authentically, and cultivating meaningful experiences.

As for Filali Studios, I can tell you that it started on accident. I was simply posting the art I liked to create, and a friend messaged me offering to buy something custom-made. After I finished that piece a stranger offered to buy my art as well. Then another. And another. And that was the start to a side-hustle of creating art. I discovered that there is a demand for art that authentically expresses culture and spirituality, and that just so happens to be my creative niche. Being a newlywed and recent college graduate means that I’m still struggling to get my foot in the door of financial security, and for now Filali Studios is the bulk of my income. If you’d like to invest in my creative expression, check out the SHOP tab. Thank you in advance for your support.

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Sara Filali is a Moroccan-American artist and writer. She recently graduated from USF with a major in Communication and minor in Studio Art. She is most known for her art series portraying Muslim women in various art styles. Sara strives to attain positive representation for Muslim women within art that celebrates them as subjects rather than objects. In other words, by telling their story though art Sara hopes to make these women appear human, and not the 2-dimensional voiceless beings that the western narrative appears to favor.

When she’s not drawing or blogging, Sara can be found binge-watching a new anime, reading fantasy/adventure novels, or engaging in intense conversations about race, gender, religion, and Game of Thrones. She is passionate about storytelling and self-expression in various mediums. Ultimately, Sara believes that storytelling and art have the power to shift perspectives and drive change on a societal level. For more information about the artist, visit or follow her Instagram @sara_filali.